Out of Time.

I wrote this in Russia a few weeks ago in my notebook and thought I’d share. I’ve changed since then as I did three years ago, important to be smarter about life after a huge moment. With all your travels and with everyone you meet you have to take advantage of it and learn and grow. Changing the person you are everyday is the most important thing in the world. Be a better you today then you were yesterday. Grow/Change/Live.

Wow life is really complicated. It’s so different to be introduced to a new way of living and having to comply because you currently reside there. I wish I knew a lot of things sooner and that is why I’m writing this. Otherwise I will forget. My time here in Russia is running out and I so badly don’t want it to. The best things in life take the longest to develop, I will never again rush in to anything. Today it took me a 16 mile run to realize where would we be without hesitation or a second thought? It kills not to know if id be any better or worse off. But where would society be?
Is there a place. Only in my mind I can create a utopia, but all the aspects of that utopia become marred when you add  a variable to it. One simple variable can destroy everything. EVERYTHING.  On one hand it’s a good thing and on the other it’s the worst thing in the world. Checks and balances seems to be a lot more useful than it ever was.

Oh that feeling you get is irreplaceable, I haven’t felt like I wanted something bad enough, as much as I do now. I plan to come to Russia again next summer. God willing I will come back and I will make the absolute most of it. I love my family, I love where I am from, I love what I’ve become am cant wait to reminisce on these moments in the future.

I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky that I am who I am. I’m so happy to be where I’m from and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

“I will stay strong.”


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How Far.


One of my closest friends in the whole world wrote this for me at the beach in Russia today, this is what inspired this post, my home, my family and my friends mean the world to me. 

How far do we have to go to get ourselves to leave the house and explore.

How strange is it that our minds can be in the present, but our hearts can be drifting somewhere in the past or perhaps the future.

How hard does life need to get before you pack everything up and move on, what are you moving towards? 

I read today, “The past beats inside me like a second heart.” – John Banville

A second heart, one that longs for change…but does nothing to achieve it. It really hurts to think that you can choose a life of comfort or you can choose to be happy regardless of the level of comfort you are at.

This is a rambling post, much of it does not make sense even to me. It is just important to know that each individual knows more about life than someone else, it is difficult to comprehend and it blew my mind the first time I heard it out loud, but if you think about it..You know more about life than anyone who has ever lived..ever! Take it as you wish, use it as you wish, but grow. 

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3 Things We Need To Do in LA This Summer

Good Eats

I for one have never visited the Rooftop restaurant in LA. One thing I think we should all do is Visit the Wilshire Rooftop have a nice Dinner, enjoy the sunset and live out the rest of the night in Downtown Los Angeles. This city has too much to offer, let us take advantage of it!


Sporting Events

Another thing that needs to be done this summer is visit a Dodger game. You know what even if you aren’t a fan of baseball this is a must do for the summer. After all, the Dodgers are one of the best teams in the league right now and are currently 43-29. Come support the home town favorites, be apart of the revamped crown and the excitement of what has been a great start for this organization.


Get Active

The last and perhaps the most important activity of the summer should be avoiding to be at home as much as you can. Go shopping, go hiking, go running, go to the beach…whatever you do I suggest you get moving because this is the best time to be active in Los Angeles, going for a hike in my opinion is the best way you can connect or re-connect with someone. Just remember to take a bottle of water or two, wear sunscreen and avoid trails that seem confusing. Los Angeles has some of the best trails to hike and many are hidden, but so many are popular trails you can google online to insure that getting lost is not an option! Hope everyone has had a good start to summer, these are a few ways you can enrich your summer experience!Image




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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Vans x A.Skate

Need volunteers for the Irvine clinic. I have been out of the country and had been unable to post about this, but on very short notice if you can make it to Irvine and go to Harvard Skatepark another clinic will be run there today!

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June 24, 2012 · 1:05 pm

78sq. ft…deal with it.

It’s amazing what people can do with what they have. I wish more human beings could aspire to re-structure their lives and live on the essentials life has to offer. Everyone is different sure…but what makes us all the same is the ability to adapt.

Regardless, this is very cool!

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June 1, 2012 · 5:22 am

Skateboarder Magazine featured Ryan Sheckler’s Skate for a Cause foundation on their website.

Ryan has helped donate over $57,000 to the A.Skate foundation and has that has beenmotivation enough for a lot of these kids. The link below shows a little bit of the big impact Shecks has made. It’s been awesome to be part of such a wonderful cause, I even come out in the video twice! #skatelife


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May 29, 2012 · 10:29 pm

Los Angeles and Sports!

It is a shame that both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers made an early second round exit at the conclusion of this past weekend.

One team however, has both stood out to Los Angeles and the sports world. The 8th seed Los Angeles Kings have made the Stanley Cup FInals for the first time since 1993. The first in the Staples Center era. While two seasons have ended this weekend, take a look at this amazing Staples Center time lapse from Friday-Sunday May 18-20.

A weekend Los Angeles won’t forget soon!

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May 23, 2012 · 6:10 am